Serving the Inland Northwest And Surrounding Areas: 208.245.4180 / 800.806.3234




Backyard Portable Mini Storage clients are diverse; we have many private parties using our storage units for personal household storage. Some use our storage buildings for transitional storage, while building a home or remodeling. Others use our storage units long term for vintage cars, motorcycles and ATVs or as a lawn and garden shed. We also have businesses such as Tri State, Kayaks CDA, National Mattress, St. Joseph’s Medical in Lewiston, Jim's Auto, St. Maries Saw and Cycle and the U.S. Forest Service. Some of our clients have been using our product for almost 20 years and once you are a client your storage rental rates do not increase.



Order your portable mini storage and we will deliver the storage unit right to your property. Residential uses include seasonal storage items, personal keepsake items, furniture not in use, extra home storage but our units can be used for any type of extra storage needs you may have. Our portable mini storage units are great for remodeling or keeping your belongings close so you have full access anytime to your property. No more driving back and forth! 



Backyard Portable Mini Storage Units are used by companies who need extra storage to safely store extra inventory and products. Because our units are clean, safe from the elements and secure, we are the perfect solution for low overhead that will affect your bottom line. Generally no building permits are required and you don't need to pay any property taxes.




Backyard Mini Storage is perfect for schools, libraries, parks and recreation as well as city utility services when extra storage is needed on the grounds or for temporary locations. Backyard Portable mini Storage in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Sandpoint and all of the Inland Northwest will save you time and money.



Backyard Mini-Storage

Serving the Inland Northwest And Surrounding Areas
Local: 208.245.4180


Backyard Mini-Storage
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208.245.4180 / 800.806.3234

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