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Backyard Portable Mini Storage Units were professionally engineered to stand up to the elements and stay structurally sound as well as secure for at least 30 years without upgrades. The storage units are 10 x 20 with a 7 ft. wide roll up door which is lockable. To increase security and structural integrity our portable mini storage units are fully sheeted inside with plywood, using heavier 1 inch plywood for the floors, this also eliminates problems with condensation seen in metal only structures. All our mini storage units are light tan in color with dark green trim which compliments any building or home. If we can drive the unit to you, you can rent it!



  • 10 x 20 Shed style buildings.
  • 7 x 8 ft. lockable roll up door.
  • All metal exterior.
  • Fully plywood sheeted interior for security and condensation control.
  • Floor joists are on 12 inch centers; most homes are 16 inches apart.
  • Professionally engineered design for snow load, security and weather resistance.  


  • Storage units are delivered to you.
  • Storage units stay on your property so you always have access to your storage.
  • Storage unit colors compliment any home, office or building.
  • Built strong to guard against weather and elements.
  • Cost effective - you will never drive back and forth to your portable storage unit.
  • No POD access fees.




Backyard Mini-Storage

Serving the Inland Northwest And Surrounding Areas
Local: 208.245.4180


Backyard Mini-Storage
P.O. Box 493 St. Maries, ID 83861

208.245.4180 / 800.806.3234

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